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The only energy gel made from 100% banana with green technology + exclusive extraction process



 "BananaGO is pocket banana, banana essence and deliciousness extract by our exclusive patented technology,  100% natural." 

Leo He is the founder graduated from Kaohsiung Medical College (now Kaohsiung Medical University) in 1996 and 2007 the Institute of Business Management, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He began to devote himself to the international medicine and biotechnology industry in 2000. He is good at and has always been keen to develop various health products. Successfully established FABULA, Negative Calorie, Cella and other cosmeceutical health care brands and their series products in Taiwan and abroad.

“ Because I love all kinds of sports, I have rich experience in the use of various sports health products and in-depth research. I believe that real-food sports supplements are truly beneficial and harmless. Banana’s potent nutrition benefits are particularly on top among various choices. Though merit and convenience of use is limited by traditional preservation and manufacturing methods. Therefore, a few years ago, we started to search for and experiment with related technologies, and finally successfully developed the only energy gel Banana GO made of 100% banana.”


The 2 Stage Process Is The Key

And the limit by traditional is now through

Indeed it takes more efforts to produce Banana GO comparing to artificial supplies which are simply mixing ingredients, worth it after all as real-food nutrition is reliable and able to provide the body's sophisticated activities with whole nutrition.

parabola dome.jpg

Green Technology PARABOLA DOME + Exclusive Extraction Process

Manufacturing process meets various international standards GMP ISO HACCP HALAL

Bananas must first evaporate excess water in pollution-free Parabola Dome solar drying room. This technology and equipment comes from the results of 30 years of research by Dr. Serm Janjai of Silpakorn University. Its parabolic shape can make the best use of the energy of the sun. The surface of the drying room has anti-UV function to prevent nutrients from being damaged by ultraviolet rays in the sun during the drying process, so that the nutritional value of bananas can be preserved, and therefore the appearance of bananas is in healthy light-brown colour. Then in the internationally certified process and facility, we use our exclusive extraction technology that has been researched for several years, with specific temperature and heating methods to gradually soften the bananas that have been exposed to the Parabola Dome for several days to remove excess water. Finally we separate the solids (impurities and fiber) in the banana from the gelatinous liquid (energy and nutrients).

Testing confirms nutritional value

SGS pesticide zero detection

The manufacturing process complies with various international standards

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