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We update and add answers to new questions from time to time. If you don’t find the answer you need here, you may also contact us directly via our LINE official account is LINE@BANANA-GO

問答集: Welcome

Thank you for your questions!

Where can I buy Banana GO products from?

BANANA GO products are available at Zec Zec from Apr 2021. After June 2021 Banan GO will be available at and Qoo10 for international orders, various platforms such as in Taiwan for domestic orders.  


How much Banana GO should I squeeze into my bottle?

It is recommended that you start by adding 1 mark of Banana GO into your bottle filled with water or sports drink, shake it well before having it. Then, depending on your preference and exercise intensity, add 1 to 3 marks to the bottle each time. Optionally you may refer to the following suggestions:


  • Aerobic exercise/jogging/half marathon/full marathon: drink from time to time, a total of 600 to 800 ml of water or sports drink with 1 to 2 marks of Banana GO in it per hour


  • Weight /anaerobic training/Intensive competition: drink from time to time, a total of 600 to 800 ml of water or sports drink with 2 to 3 marks of Banana GO in it per hour

I see a little tiny bubbles in Banana GO. It tastes sweet and slightly sour. The brown colour gets darker by time. Are these normal? 


Yes, because Banana GO is 100%natural, the content is active and may have a little tiny bubbles in it. The taste is sweet and slightly sour by banana fruit's nature. The colour also gets darker by time like the fruit itself. These are all normal if the product is kept is normal condition(room temperature and avoid direct sunlight). It is safe to be taken within the shelf life as printed on the packaging. 

​Can the bottled ones be eaten directly?

Can. It is recommended to squeeze about 1 scale in the mouth directly (about 1 scale in the mouth directly (appropriate force to press the bottle body for about 2 to 3 seconds) and serve with water.

Can BANANA GO be added to daily food or drink?

Yes, Banana GO is 100% natural, suitable to have with various foods and beverages, and it is nutritious and delicious, which greatly improves your daily food nutrition. Suitable daily food we recommend to have with Banana GO, for example, cereals, muffins and other snacks; coffee and milk for drinks.

​Do bottled energy bananas need to be stored in the refrigerator after opening?

No, just keep it at room temperature away from direct sunlight. The iced energy bananas may crystallize sugar. Soak the whole can in hot water below 95 degrees C for a few minutes to restore it to its original state.

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