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Pocket Banana

Banana is the best food for sports. Now you can have it anytime, anywhere   

Made with banana extract only. Clean-label-ever energy+nutrition supply. 

Zero refined sugar. Real-food energy.

Patented production that meets international HACCP and GMP standards 

運動營養輕量化  表現最佳化

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BANANA GO Products

100% natural | Varieties for all purposes 

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鹽+香蕉 是資深的運動員對付抽筋的妙招,除了能補充能量,其實這也是最完美的鈉、鉀、鎂礦物質組合,不僅能立刻改善體內電解質失衡造成的抽筋等症狀,在出汗量大的運動場合,充足的電解質供應更是攸關最佳運動表現的維持

Doli is the runner-up runner-up in the 2021 Challange Taiwan 226km Relay~

  • For all purposes -- direct use or mix-in-water 

  • Personalize your own supply volume and frequency

No more limitation by individual sachet volume to take every time. Take your desired volume directly anytime, or mix with desired volume of water/sports drinks before your workout.

  • Pocket banana. Give your body the brisk feeling and complete replenishment

  • There is also an option to add natural caffeine, each containing 50mg of natural caffeine

Original flavor : The full banana energy, electrolytes, and nutrients of pure natural ingredients enhance your exercise continuity without increasing the burden on the stomach. There is also an option to add caffeine for you to choose.

Natural caffeine option : medium roasted Arabica coffee (each containing 50 mg of natural caffeine) from Changhua’s local fresh extracts. , Combined with the unique sweetness of the original energy banana, let you enjoy all sports more.

Testing confirms high value and rich nutrition

SGS pesticide/drug zero detection

The manufacturing process complies with various international standards



CT Yeh, YouTuber

"​ The brewing type is easy to carry and use, the pockets and hands are not sticky, and the natural taste is smooth and does not produce phlegm."                                       

Albert, Ai Running Channel

"Taiwanese have developed a supplement of 100% natural banana extract: Energy Banana. If you have suffered from stomach upset after taking supplements before, you may try this one. I have no stomach upset after taking it for a month, which is very good. "


"The energy banana carrying bag is matched with a large bottle of energy banana that can be added to the water. It will be easier to consume when used together. At the same time, it will provide energy and electrolytes, and will avoid dehydration."

Tim Chen, active track and field athlete


Meya Ting, Rouvy Taiwan League

"A good helper for supplies. The whole bottle is placed next to it when riding the training platform,  It is also very convenient to squeeze two mouthfuls to dispense water at any time. 

You can wash one less kettle again"


SZ Chen, popular net beauty

"Very natural taste, black is caffeinated, it is very convenient for training at home and riding outside"


Crush Melon City Lord , YouTuber

This feeling is much better than pectin. The first step is considered a pass, and then I will share with further experience."


Tim Chen, active track and field athlete

"The energy banana carrying bag is matched with a large bottle of energy banana that can be added to the water. It will be easier to consume when used together. At the same time, it will provide energy and electrolytes, and will avoid dehydration."


"... There will be no risk of bloating and discomfort in the abdomen. I tried to swallow a pack after 10K until the end of the half marathon, and there is still no hunger or discomfort... There are some friends around me. As for the synthetic glue that can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, the feedback is quite good. If you are troubled by this aspect, you can also try it."


Tomo San, Youtuber

"The natural BCAA from bananas

The nutrients and no additives make BananaGO very different. The strong banana flavor and the natural coffee flavor are all delicious!"

Lin Daniao, marathon runner


Miss Random, Youtuber

"Pure natural energy banana eats less burden on the body, and it is less likely to be thirsty after eating. Since eating bananago, I have not eaten other brands of energy products 😆"


Anna, EMBA of Beijing University of Science and Technology

"This is much better  Next time I took a photo of the stadium, I took it to eat, but I didn’t take a photo😄"


​Li Nana, popular net beauty

"I don't even want energy gels that are not completely natural"

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